Civil Rights, Civil Liberties & Discrimination

Civil rights are at the core of our Constitution, and we believe that defending the civil rights of our clients is at the core of our profession as lawyers. David Rosen has argued before the Supreme Court of the United States in support of the rights of children and on behalf of religious free exercise. We have filed briefs in the Supreme Court in support of civil rights, including the right not to be held in prison without a trial; the academic freedom of university professors; and the right to fair employment, among other issues. David was also Supreme Court counsel in the case holding Connecticut's death penalty statute unconstitutional and forcing its reform.

We have brought and won many individual and class action cases in the areas of civil rights, civil liberties and discrimination, be it in employment, housing or other areas. We have successfully held municipal and state government accountable for depriving qualified employees and applicants of job opportunities on account of their race, their sex, their age or disability, and we have successfully fought sexual harassment in the workplace in both individual and class action cases. We have also successfully challenged the employment practices of some of America's largest private companies and their top executives.

We have worked to reform police practices throughout Connecticut, not only by forcing employment reform but also by holding police departments accountable when police misconduct causes death or serious injury. Our cases have set standards and benchmarks that help insure that police throughout Connecticut, and the nation, follow the law as they uphold the law.

In all our civil rights cases, we begin with our clients and work as a team to understand their situation and the meaning of what has happened to them. And we use the tools of investigation, discovery and courtroom presentation to help judges and juries understand the reality of what has happened to our clients.

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