The Thomas Emerson Fellowship

In 2006, our firm established a fellowship program for highly qualified recent law school graduates who have an interest in individual justice and civil rights. The Fellowship honors Professor Thomas I. Emerson, a great scholar of the First Amendment at the Yale Law School and advocate for human rights who argued Griswold v. Connecticut in the Supreme Court. Emerson Fellows work at our office for a year or occasionally two years on all types of cases handled by our office, including tort cases involving serious injury or death, discrimination cases, and other cases involving civil and human rights.

The Emerson Fellowship grew out of the firm's decades of experience working with law students, mostly from Yale, who after graduation have gone on to become leaders of the bar, champions of individual rights and the underdog, distinguished professors at America's leading law schools, and judges on the nation's highest courts, as well as creative innovators outside the practice of law.